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  • Depression Quest:

Depression Quest was the first game I played, and it felt extremely heavy, however, it is very relatable and beneficial. In other words, this game explained how a depressed person feels towards everything, and I think that sometimes a person could have some feelings that he/she cannot explain or share with others because people will not ever understand what this depressed person is feeling or going through. The only person who could understand is someone who got depressed at a certain point. Moreover, I have never gone through depression, but I have experienced a deep sadness where I could not get up to do anything. On my depressing days, I did not eat or went out of the house for a long time, all I wanted to do is to sleep or pretend that I am okay in front of my family. This game taught me that if I ever felt depressed I have to see a therapist because depression will not get any better, but it will become worse. Also, I am the only one who could help myself to get out of this depression, but no one will because no one understands how does it feel expect psychologist/therapist. This game could be improved by providing depressed people with the help they need. For example, the game could suggest places/names of therapists for depressed people talk to.

  • Know yourself:

Know yourself game is my favorite one because I love to discover new things/traits about myself or my personality. In other words, I was very shocked while playing this game because the questions placed me in a situation in which I never thought that I will react like this. Also, while answering some questions I felt somehow that I made assumptions or I judge people based on their appearances. Moreover, this game tackled some traits in my personality that I have never played attention to, and I am glad that I played it because it allows me to enhance/develop my bad traits. I think the game covered many personality traits that is common between many people, and I do not think that it needs any improvement.

  • Losing a parent:

  • This game is very emotional as it made me feel pain and sadness. In other words, I think that the game was trying to make me go through a “Losing a parent” situation, which something I could not even imagine. It is really hard to go through this, and I somehow know how does it feel because my best friend just lost her father 3 years ago and I saw how lost/broke she was. Also, the game mentioned that some people will not feel comfortable while talking about the death of their parents, and I extremely agree with this because when some people mention the name of their dead parent, they start to remember their memories and that brings pain/sadness to them. Moreover, I think that this game taught me how to treat people with who lost one of their parents, and how hard It is to talk about this sensitive topic with these people. I think that the game could be improved by providing these people with some tips about how to be better, and how to tolerate this situation.
  • Project Honduras:

 This game was quite different compared to the other games because it discusses climate change and things about the environment. In other words, I think that this game has a huge importance because climate change is one of the main problems that we face in Egypt. Some people are not even aware of the problems of climate change, and how animals suffer due to global warming, plastic, pollution, and many others. For example, many people throw plastic bags in the sea, which get stuck in the neck, legs, hands of animal seas cause them death, and this happens every day and no one cares. I think that this game raises awareness regarding an important topic, as it also motivates many people to volunteer in order to help in this. Also, I think that this game needs to be improved by providing people with numbers/places that they can volunteer for in order to help the environment.

  • Spent

Spent game made me nervous a little bit. In other words, it is extremely hard to manage your whole life with a certain amount of money, and this how our parents deal with their whole lives. After playing this game, I realized that “Responsibility” is not a little word, but it contains a lot of pressure, strength, management, and concentration. I truly feel emphatic towards my parents, because they deal with these stressful responsibilities everyday, and I did not even recognize anything because they always provide me with everything I want, they never gave the feeling that “I need anything” and I am truly blessed that I have such a great family like mine. This game taught me that I have to pay attention of what my family is providing me, and how they care about me. Also, I have to thank god everyday for all of the blessings I have. I think that the game does not any improvement, because I felt with the feeling of being responsible, and stressed because you could not manage to finish the days.

  • Syrian Journey:

What I liked about this game that it shows how much Syrian refugees do suffer everyday, and what they go through in their lives. In other words, the game shows that every decision they are going to take is considered to be “Risky” because they will either get caught, lose some of the family members, ran out of money or end up in a refugee camp. It is very stressful to live world where fear is the only choice. Also, what I have learned from this game is that I have to thank god that I only “have a house” as this considered to be of the greatest blessings that we all have. Finally, I do not think that the game needs any improvement because I felt the struggle, pain, and fear that they truly go through, and also I think this game is extremely powerful since it is based on a true story of Syrian refugees.  

Comparison Between Games:

I do not think that there is a comparison between any of the 6 games, however, the only common thing is that each game tackles an important message or issue. Also, the 6 games are somehow very relatable to everyone, and it is important for people to play this games in order to learn or discover things they never thought about. Also, another common thing that some games are very long for example, the depression quest and project Honduras; both games take more than 1 hour, and this made me somehow lose interest in the game even if it is interesting at the beginning; however, the other games are somehow in the middle not to short and to too long, which made them more interesting.  All in all, I found that the 6 games are very beneficial and made me become aware of things about myself, and the way of the games delivering the issue is somehow interesting because it is at the end a “Game”. Finally, these games could have a huge positive impact on everyone.

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